Our company possesses a wide experience in the service in the logistic international transport of load and knowledge in all the aspects of the Exterior Trade.

This experience and our professionalism allows us to offer to him the services of:

We possess license to handle shipments since any port of Perú, and we have movement to the main ports of the world, with the capacity to be able to lend service of different types of loads, be in container, cooler, special teams, LCL, loose load, etc.

We arrange at the outset daily of the main airports from the country to the different cities of the world, what will permit to deliver his merchandise to time, without delay, and using a competitive rate, with an excellent service, we cause you deliver Door to Door, and emergency delivery service.

We have experience in the transportation and shipment; as well as the reception of merchandise perishable, assuring the delivery in the time required.

We do deliveries of materials and we collect its products in its stores, direct transportation for sensitive materials, we do not have limit as for weight and measures, we transport any type of teams.

We transfer its sure load of form, offering him under its authorization a service of caution that protect its merchandise.